Dear Customer,

ANMIMAR is an Agency of Various Services born with the target offering to the Customers an interlocutor able to satisfy with professional and courtesy all need in the Bulgarian territory, but also in the International field.

Main target is the Customer satisfaction.

ANMIMAR is offering Various Services like ISO Certification, trading of “Made in Italy” and Marine Advisor. Nevertheless ANMIMAR is able to assist his Customer also in Various Agency Services like - Fiscal, legal and bank Consulting: opening new Company, business plan, loan, debt-collection; - Shipping Agency: dealing ship papers, forwarding goods, custom clearance, urgent repairs works, cleaning cargo holds, bunkering, on-hire survey; Job Agency: offering qualified workers, medical fitness, health insurance, payroll; - European Funds Consulting: preparation and forwarding project; Real Estate Agency: identification real property, cadastral survey.

ANMIMAR is a Company with ten-year background in the Agency Services field. The employment of staff and consultant qualified allow to the agency gain the target, sometime going over the Client’s expectations.

The advantages using ANMIMAR Agency are absolutely protection of the Clients’ privacy, the possibility of interlocutors speaking your language and the Policy requires from the Great Companies applied to natural persons Client.

For all the above-mentioned, if you have any question concerning Bulgaria, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Same if you have questions concerning international matters.

Yours faithfully



Raffaello Petrolo







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